Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Pictures of Our New Home

We were able to spend a couple of hours in the house last week while we had the inspection. The kids were thrilled to have so much space to run around in. We were so glad to be there and did not want to leave. I even offered to pay the inspector to inpect it a second time so we could stay another couple of hours. Well, here are the pics from our time in the house.

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Queen M said...

On man, SO sorry to hear of your day of flooding and car accident. So not fun at all. I really hope you close early to be able to get into your new home. Your life will be so much better. And I hear ya on the ward. Ours here is WAY bigger than in Tooele. But there is rummor that it is splitting at the special conference we are having in November. Like you told me, Hang in there, you are nearing the finish line.