Sunday, November 16, 2008

Real life begins...(sorry for the long post)

Well, what can I say about life and what it has to offer. Sometimes things are so great and sometimes things are so rottin! Lately things have been good for us but hard. Our house is really starting to feel like our home and we have even fallen into a routine that makes life here seem normal. Every weekday we go to the park with my neighbor and her kids and it helps so much to have a friend here. I am so thankful to the friends from home that have continued to call, it makes a huge difference to hear from you! Settling in here is not as hard as I thought it would be. It was so hard when we first moved in to the house. I kept thinking "how can I unpack everything here when I know this isn't home." Well, I have come to find that I love that it is November and there is no snow outside. I have come to find that although I came from an awesome ward in Utah, people here rely so much more on one another. I have come to find that everyone here is just as scared as I am and that they are not afraid to share that. I felt like I was betraying everyone I loved by moving here but I see now that I would have been betraying myself and the Lord if we had not made this decision. We trusted him but I don't think we believed that he really knew what he was doing. We are still not sure exactly what is in store for us here but we know it was right. I called my awesome friend Mandy the other day. She is just like a sister to me and she had the best advice when I cried to her about how homesick I was. She told me to think of this as my mission. I never served one and if I can't think of this as home yet, just treat it like a temporary thing and know that there is something important for me to do here. It was just the advice that I needed.

Anyway, on to more fun things...Matt passed the written exam for his bike yesterday and so he is now legally able to drive it. Claire is giving her first talk in primary today and she is excited but nervous. The bishop came to see us the other night and he told us that new members of the ward get a "get out of primary free card" for the first year so that they can meet new people! I was so excited not because I don't love primary, I prefer being there but because I was afraid I would be in one of the 6 nurseries right away and not get a chance to meet some people. I need to make friends here if this is ever going to be home for us. Mandy and Mark are coming to spend Thanksgiving with us and we are so excited. Christ and Tori are coming right after that for a visit and we can't wait. They will most likely be here for Claire's birthday and she is "wishing" Tori could be here. I think she will get her wish. Grandpa Paul and Granny Vicki are coming for Christmas and bringing Aunt Kirstin and we are counting down the days. My kids ask about Kirstin all the time. People are being so supportive and we appreciate that so much. It is nice to not be forgotten.

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