Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thank Goodness for Children

Today was a hard day as all Sunday's are. We have church from 2-5pm which throws off our entire schedule for the day. One would think that a schedule for a stay-at-home mom can't be THAT important but that someone would be dead wrong! Our kids do not enjoy sacrament meeting and so the first hour of church is nearly impossible. We do it though because we know that it is true and that it is what the Lord wants for our children. Today I was so proud of my kids. Matt and I ended up substituting one of the 3 Sunbeam classes that exist in our ward. Primary is held in the Chapel because it is sooo big! Ivan and Claire were on the other side of the chapel and both of them were participating and listening so well. I was especially proud of Ivan. His teachers have been telling us how reverent he is but we just kept thinking they must be making a mistake. Ivan is one of the most irreverent children I know! He was sitting with his arms folded and raised his hand without talkiing. He was so happy to be there and be participating and I just realized how big my little boy is. We must be doing something right because our kids are learning to love the Lord. Little Nora followed Matt down the isle in the chapel when he went to take Ivan to the bathroom. As I watched her walk back she had her little arms folded and was walking so reverently and diliberately. Matt and I were both speechless. It's funny that it takes my children to show me what reverence is and how to exercize it. I am so thankful for the strong and stubborn spirits that Heavenly Father has sent to us. I am so thankful for the lessons that they are learning and the people they are becoming inspite of us.

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Queen M said...

We have 2 sunbeam classes and we both have 9 kids. I am one of the teachers and I love it. A piece of cake after being the Prez. We meet in the chapel too because of the 140 kids we have.

Isn't it wonderful to see our kids turning into little people and see them really grasp onto things.