Thursday, May 28, 2009

Working with Kids

Trying to work with kids in the house is absolutely frustrating. I was trying to put in a Scentsy order and it just wasn't working because I had Ivan on one arm begging for Lemonade and Nora on my lap screaming for my cell phone. Needless to say the order finally got entered and I am so excited for my hostess who received $20in free product and 1 half off item! Amelia, you are so awesome! I love working Scentsy, it is so fun. In other things, I have decided that we are going to try to put Claire in full day kindergarten. I was opposed to the idea because she is so young and I am not used to her being gone all day but I have definitely decided (now that preschool is over and she is home all the time) that full day kindergarten would be in both our best interest. Now, let's just hope they still have spots open!

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Queen M said...

I really struggled with full day too. But besides the horrible hour that she has to be out the door, it has actually been really good. I think Claire will do really well with full day. Pre K here is full day too, and everyday. Well if it is through the state. I have had a much harder time swallowing that. But it is looking more and more like we will be doing preschool just she and I here at home since our name hasn't come up in a lottery yet.