Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thank Goodness for Pancakes and Primary

Today started out as a very hard day. It seems to go that way lately. I am just so sluggish and exhausted. We were able to go to the park this morning which is something we have not been able to do for a while because of the heat. The morning was overcast and perfect for playing in the sand. One of my best friends who lives down the street didn't have to work today and so she and her kids went with us. It was just like when we first moved here and we spent all of our days together at the park. I was so glad they could go, I miss those days. We came home around 10am for naps. I was able to get a good nap despite the phone ringing off the hook. After we woke up I was feeling so anxious. I had to make pancakes for the kids because our monthly supply of food has run out and I can't get more until Friday. I was freaking out and I'm not sure about what. The kids were all fighting and I just wanted to cry because the downstairs (main floor) was a mess and I didn't have the energy to clean it. I sat down to a plate of two pancakes and although they didn't sound good, I got them down. After that I slowly started to tackle the dishes, feeling a little bit better with some food in my stomach. The kids were all shouting orders and requests at me as fast as they could and I just wanted to scream. Instead I started singing primary songs out loud. The screaming on their end did not stop but I couldn't really hear it anymore because I was concentrating on cleaning and singing my songs. Before I knew it, the kids were singing too and my basement was clean. Ivan even asked to vacuum! I feel so much better now! They went upstairs to clean and vacuum. The only concern I have is for Ivan's little face, he likes to vacuum it with the hose and then he just laughs. Whatever keeps them busy and active! Thank Heaven for primary and the principles it teaches me even now that I am 29 years old. I hope that my children will get the same satisfaction from it, if not now then when they have children of their own.


Lynda said...

Pancakes are awesome. I try to make them...let me rephrase that I try to get Big Johnny to make them every weekend. Have you checked It truly is an awesome way to cut your grocery bill! I hope tomorrow brings more cloudy days in AZ. I <3 cloudy days. Thinking of you today my friend~~

todavine said...

Hey, I find your blog. Primary defintally can come in handy. Miss ya guys.