Friday, July 10, 2009

First Visit

Well, I went to my first OB appointment today. The OB that saw me for the last miscarriage said she wanted to see me as soon as I got a positive test and I took another one last night that again showed positive. So I called and went in this morning to have my quants (hormone levels)checked. In the office that I go to there are around 9 different doctors and the one I saw was very un-professional and so I am going to find another OB as soon as I am a little further along and that is if I do not miscarry this one. It really was a rather awful experience this morning and so we are going to file a complaint against the practice. It's amazing how people talk about you when when they think you can't hear them. It's also amazing the discrimination that comes along with taking NECESSARY psychiatric medications. People can be so naive and stupid sometimes. Anyway, that is my rant for the day.
Poor Claire Bear has the flu like I did last week. She is so sick. She threw up 4 times today before I went to the doctor. I wasn't going to go but they had insisted on seeing me so I thought if I went things might turn out a little different with this pregnancy, we will just see. Luckily we have the most awesome girl that lives across the street that knows so much about taking care of kids although she is only 12 years old. We love having her here, she took such good care of my kids, especially Claire. I hope that she feels better because I am going to be gone all day tomorrow at a stupid traffic survival course due to running a red light and being caught by a traffic camera. She will be with Matt but when your sick I think moms are just the best thing. So it looks like we will not be doing anything very fun this weekend. We will just see!

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