Saturday, March 13, 2010

Last Days of My Last Pregnancy

Only one more day and we are off to the hospital to have our baby. This should be a happy time but I must say that I am completely overwhelmed. Today our only car decided it didn't want to work anymore. I have spent the day running from one rental car facility to the next to beat their closing times with no luck. So tonight my awesome friend Tina is driving me all the way to the airport to pick up a car so that we can get to and from the hospital and so that we don't leave my mom with three kids and no car! I am very overwhelmed right now. I don't know when I will be coming home from the hospital because the baby may or may not have to stay. It's a good thing we are double insured and that the hospital bills will be paid because the stupid rental car is $311.00. I just feel like this should be a happy time, one where I relax and enjoy the last 2 days of my last pregnancy ever but they have been chaos. I am upset that we don't have the money to get a reliable car, I am upset that my mother has to stay when she is stressed and tired and just wants to go home. I am upset that I have to be worrying about all of this right now. I just want to go to the hospital and bring this little one into the world on a good note. Everything this year has been very stressful and I don't want her little life starting out that way. I think I am just dead tired and need some xanax and sleep. Hopefully tomorrow will be uneventful and I can enjoy the last day of my last pregnancy.

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