Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Best Friend

Tonight Matt and I had the pleasure of attending his annual company Christmas party. I say pleasure because we have not had the opportunity to go out since we last went to a hotel courtesy of some super awesome friends. We also haven't had the opportunity to dress up and go fancy for some time. I was so happy for the occasion that I bought a new outfit, shoes, purse and had my hair colored (again by above said super awesome friend). We had a great time. There was dinner and dessert and dancing. Matt and I did not dance because neither of us felt up to it (due to shear exhaustion from recent events) but we had a great time sitting at the table and talking. It was so nice to have un-interrupted time with him. It was so nice not to have kiddo's crawling all over me fighting for my attention. I think the best part about tonight is that Matt was feeling better than he has for a while now. It was time spent enjoying one another and not worrying about swollen ankles, medications, blood pressure, shunt pressure etc. For tonight, Matt was not sick and I was not worrying. I was not calling in medications, leaving messages for doctor's on call or wondering if we should take him to the hospital for the latest (and greatest) symptom. He was playful and smiling and I loved every minute of it. We have fallen into these patient/care-giver roles ever since the surgeries and sometimes it is just so nice not to be those people for a few hours. Matt spent the evening getting me coke and chocolate and I spent the evening enjoying every minute being spoiled. I am so thankful that I am married to my best-friend. I cannot imagine being married to anyone else. What we have is awesome. Things have been so hard for us for the last 2 years. We have had more trials than I ever thought possible but we are still together and holding strong. This Wednesday we celebrate 9years of being sealed for Eternity. What a blessing it is to know that when this life is over we have eternity to spend together. These last 3 months have been nearly unbelievable for our family and for Matt. He has gone through so much that seems so unfair and yet his attitude is amazing. I only wish I were enduring this trial half as graciously as he is. I am so lucky to be living, loving and learning with my best friend.


Miss M said...

I'm so glad you guys had time together!! and WOW, I can't believe you will celebrate 9 years!! That is a long time.

Queen M said...

We had the company party here last night too. It was quite different than the ones we used to have back in SLC. :) I hear you on being able to get dressed up, leave the kids with a sitter and have some time alone together. :)
We actually talked about you guys on the drive home from there. J mentioned that you wouldn't ever know Matt was suffering by his work ethic and the quality of work he is doing. And that despite the horrific trial this is, we have AMAZING!!! Health insurance to cover it. What a blessing. We also talked about how we wish there was some way to make a visit happen. Stupid money. Love you guys.