Sunday, December 26, 2010

"We Need A Little Christmas"

Another Christmas come and gone and we had a great time. It was what we needed, just a few days together as a family with nothing (almost nothing) to worry about. Matt was home both Thursday and Friday which was really nice. He needed the break and so did I. He is not well enough to help out like he used to but just having him around helps. It's nice to have someone to back you up when it comes to the kids. This is the first year since we have moved to Arizona that I did not wish we were home in Utah. Don't get me wrong, we missed a lot of people but we wouldn't have traded the weather down here for anything (almost anything). We did not have anyone staying with us over Christmas and it was a little uncomfortable at first. I was not quite sure what to do with myself or how to behave without company here. I quickly got the hang of it though, staying in my pajamas and giving meals little to no thought. Christmas Eve was when the loneliness set in but it was short lived. I was determined not to be down and so I posted on Facebook (my new best-friend) that we needed a little company for dinner and some awesome friends and neighbors came to our rescue. It was so nice to get to know them a little better. We were able to have a wonderful dinner and a great evening. Christmas Day was spent with two of the most wonderful families I know. We had a HUGE breakfast with our wonderful friends across the street who have made life so much more bearable for us here on the nearly vacant end of Whitehall Drive. We were able to special order what we wanted for breakfast which is something my kids never get to do. They had such a good time playing and eating. We spent the afternoon being lazy and then we were off to Grandma Kathie's house to enjoy our new found family here in AZ. There were so many gifts given to our family that were completely unexpected. My heart was touched to realize that they truly mean it when they say that we are family now. God sent these two families to us when we needed them the most. They have been our comfort and joy. Today (the day after Christmas) was harder for us. Both Matt and I were not feeling very well today and so we took turns sleeping and cleaning and sleeping and feeding and did I mention sleeping??? Matt has been a little more forgetful and a felt a little worse this weekend but I am grateful that we got to spend it with him. I wish I would have gotten more pictures and more video of him with the kids but he slept a lot this weekend. I am grateful that we had this lucid Christmas with him and I am praying for more.

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