Friday, July 8, 2011

A Step at a Time

I wish this post was different than the majority of my other posts. I wish this post was one that announced some great and happy event that has happened in our lives but unfortunately it is all too much like the other's, it is one that catalogues yet another hardship for our family. Last night on the way home from work, as Matt was pulling into Tooele, he nodded off behind the wheel and crashed our brand new car into another car. Fortunately neither he nor the other party involved were seriously injured but once again an incredibly unlucky situation has taken it's toll on our family. We took him to the hospital here in Tooele to be evaluated. The airbag in the car had deployed leaving chemical burns on Matt's arms and a bruise on his chest. The airbag had also hit him in the head which had us worried about his shunt and whether or not it had been damaged. After evaluation at the ER they determined that the shunt was working properly and that there were no breaks, just bumps and bruises. They were concerned about some of the physical symptoms that he was displaying that have become all too normal to us. The swelling in the legs, the tingling in the arms and hands, the weight gain and high blood pressure. We let them know that these symptoms have been present ever since the two major neurosurgery's that he underwent nearly a year ago and that we have not been able to find a doctor that was willing to do more than prescribe medication for the symptoms. We have yet to find a doctor that is willing to dig deeper and try to find the cause of all of these symptoms. The doctor at the ER decided that she wanted to draw blood and check his labs so that we could be a step ahead when we find a doctor that can see him. When they drew the labs they found that his blood sugar was 160, and that his liver was enlarged and producing too much of something that Matt cannot recall. They also said that his potassium is low. So we have that many more symptoms to deal with. I am trying to find the upside to all of this which is challenging but it's there somewhere. My manager from the temporary job that I had called me before the accident and offered me my job back for a while longer and told me of another position that I might qualify for. At first I turned it down but as soon as Matt had his accident I called them back and got the job. I start on Monday. This will allow me to drive Matt to and from work everyday and if I get benefits we will be double covered. So although this is another set back we will be okay. I am so glad that we were here when it happened. It was so great to be surrounded by Matt's family and my most awesome friends. Matt's dad was able to come to the hospital and give Matt and I both a Father's Blessing which helped so much. Now we are just trying not to let it ruin our weekend and dealing with it all a step at a time.

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Miss M said...

Aubrey, I am so sorry to hear all of this. You truly are being tried. Hang in there. It sounds like you've got some good support now you're back in UT. You can make it through this. There are blessings and good things in store. Hang in there.