Friday, October 21, 2011

What A Day!

This has been such a long day that when I look back at what happened it seems like it must have been more than just one day. We woke up this morning at the hospital after a rough night. Matt ran a temperature of 102.8 most of the night and his blood sugar was up in the upper 300's with insulin. I slept off and on and so did Matt but unfortunately the hospital is not a very good place for getting rest. The surgeon came in to see Matt and informed us that we could go home. Matt was glad but I was terrified. He was still running a fever and his sugar was 385. The surgeon wasn't sending us home with anything to control his blood sugar and he said the fever was probably just from the anesthesia and his lungs. Neither of those things were ok with me but I didn't know what to do. I wanted to fight but I just didn't have it in me. My friend Mandy and her fiancé Delbert showed up and let me tell you what a blessing that was. The nurse we had was not very good and Mandy put her in her place! I called the endocrinologist in the meantime and let them know what was happening. They in turn called the surgeon and let him know that he had to send us home with some medication to control the blood sugar. I don't know what I would have done if Mandy weren't there. So I brought Matt home and we got the kids and they were so excited to see him. He has had a fever throughout the day but we are keeping it down as best we can and we have had to check his sugar levels every two hours. So far they have steadily decreased with the exception of his last test before bedtime which was at 277. It was super hectic this afternoon and evening. My in-laws work at the temple on Friday's and so it was my load alone to carry. By tonight I am exhausted but having a hard time sleeping. I have been reading up on type 2 diabetes and requesting information from whatever sources I can. Matt is discouraged tonight and I don't blame him. This just plain sucks but we can do it. We have an appointment on Monday with the endocrinologist and they will have more information for us too. It's just all so much at one time that our heads are spinning. I saw my Doctor on Wednesday before Matt's surgery and she wants to do a physical. She is afraid I'm forgetting about taking care of myself. I tried to explain to her that there just isn't that 25th hour in the day that I need for myself. So I have to have a physical in a month. Personally I am done with doctors and hospitals and illnesses and insurance companies. I know Matt feels the same way but we will keep plugging along. I'll make sure I'm healthy so I can get him healthy.
Although it's overwhelming to have all of these trials right now, at least we are getting some answers. I just wish they didn't have to keep cutting him open to find the answers. I am so proud of him, he is so strong. I just wish I could take this from him but I can't so I will just try to carry him through it all.

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