Sunday, October 23, 2011


                Wow, tonight I am feeling overwhelmed and over-informed!  I have spent the evening reading up on diabetes.  I registered Matt online with the American Diabetes Association and read everything I needed to for our appointment tomorrow.  I wanted to make sure that I had a list of questions ready for the doctor and also wanted to make sure that I knew what they were talking about so that it wouldn't be so overwhelming.  Matt is not happy about this diagnosis and of course that is normal, I don't know who would be happy about being diabetic.  I have tried to be super pro-active about all of it and I figure that way I can be there for him when he decides that he is ready to research it for himself.  I read so much but I am sure that I have only scraped the surface of all of the information that we are going to be learning.
                    Really, Matt has been doing exceptionally well with his recovery since coming home.  His pain is well controlled even without pain medication.  He ran a fever for the first two days but today has been good, no fever.  Today was not such a good day for me.  I didn't change my pain patch yesterday.  With everything that was happening I forgot and with everything I have been doing that was a mistake.  Today I was in bed for most of the day and on the couch for the remainder.  Tonight I broke down and took meds for the breakthrough pain and now I am feeling better.  I am hoping that tomorrow is a better day.  Every time Matt has surgery I realize how much he helps me.  I become very overwhelmed when I cannot ask him for help and that worries me for the future.  If things do not get better for him I am going to have to pray that my health improves and that the pain decreases or subsides.
          Tonight we started using some essential oils that were given to us by our friends family.  They are supposed to help with pretty much every health problem you can think of.  There are several that are supposed to help with diabetes and so we rubbed them on Matt's feet and his abdomen and he added more herbs to his regimen.  We were skeptical about all of the herbal treatments when Matt's family started using them but we have quickly become believers and so when our friends brought us the oils and herbs we were excited to try them. 
          So much is changing for us but it is not all bad.  I am excited that there are finally some answers to some of his symptoms.  Many of the things that he has been experiencing are very consistent with diabetes and so we can begin treating them and hopefully things will begin to improve.
          I am overwhelmed but I think that we will feel much better after we meet with the endocrinologist tomorrow and find out more about how we should treat this.  We should also get the results of Matt's blood work which will tell us if there is a pituitary problem or not. 
          On top of all of this we are dealing with problems at the school with Claire and have to meet with the principal tomorrow.  Poor Claire is having a horrible time with school and I am afraid that we are going to have to change schools.  I was so excited that they were going to be just around the corner so that we could walk with them back and forth to school but I have a feeling that Claire is going to have to attend elsewhere, there is just not much help for her there.
           So although things are very overwhelming tonight, I am feeling a little less lost and a little more organized.  I think that tomorrow's appointment will go well and hopefully it means the beginning of treating Matt and getting him better.  I am afraid that he will not get better but I try to keep those thoughts out of mind.

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Miss M said...

Way to go on educating yourself. It is one of the best things to do because it takes the mystery out of a lot of it. I hope your appointment goes well for you guys.