Thursday, July 17, 2014

Every Now and Then

Today was a good day. Today the kids and I got to spend some time with one of my best friends and her girls, they live in AZ. It was like no time had passed other than the kids are all older. I knew I missed my AZ friends but I didn't realize just how much before today. I love Utah. I never wanted to move to AZ in the first place when Matt was transferred but I knew it was right. I knew it was what The Lord wanted for us. It was so hard to pick up and move away from family and friends here in Utah and head to a place that we knew hardly anything about. What I found out through living there is that The Lord knew we needed the friendships that we made there. We didn't need them to replace the friendships we have here in Utah but to add to them. We met some of the most amazing families in Queen Creek and I thoroughly miss that little community. We were out in no mans land and had to drive quite a ways to get anywhere but I loved it! I miss driving up to the gas station everyday for my coke. I miss daily walks to the park where I could sit and talk to friends while the kids covered themselves head to toe in sand! I miss walking my kids to school everyday in such a tiny community. It was 10 times smaller than Tooele. We lived in a residential area away from the main roads. There were no busy streets and we all knew each other. I loved the diversity among my friends. I miss the landscaping and the parks but most of all I miss the people. I have amazing friends here in Utah and I know that it was The Lord that brought us back home but when we left, a piece of my heart stayed in AZ and every now and then that piece of my heart aches to go back.

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